4 Benefits of Classic Car Insurance

No matter where you drive, your years of experience, car accidents happen all time. And the aftermath of the accident can be devastating, more so if you hadn’t insured your car. That said, classic car insurance is crucial for every motorist owning a vintage or collector’s car. It’s that safety net that keeps your finances and assets protected if an unthinkable event occurs.

Most people in South Carolina buy car insurance for legal compliance but forget it’s not the only benefit of this policy. Like other insurance policies, classic car insurance offers numerous benefits, as explained by Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services.

Protects your finances

If you are at fault for an accident, you are liable for any destruction or injuries that result after the incident. It could be medical costs, property damage, or legal fees, resulting in financial turmoil. Classic car insurance protects you from such events.

Protects you and others

Classic car insurance has different coverages that cover various scenarios. With the right policy, you rest assured knowing that your insurance policy covers each damage. If you have liability, collision, and medical coverage, for example, they take care of the third-party injuries, your injuries, and your passengers.

For peace of mind

Man is to error, and mistakes can happen at any time. Rather than drive with fear of drunk drivers or uninsured drivers on the road, purchase your classic car insurance and drive your toy worry-free.

Compensation for physical damage 

The cost of repairing or replacing your vintage car after an accident is an expensive affair and may cost you thousands of dollars. Luckily, with classic car insurance, your insurer will bear such expenses, lessening your financial burden.

Classic car insurance in North Augusta, SC

Classic car insurance is a must-have investment if you value your vintage or classic car. Ready to invest in classic car insurance? If you are in North Augusta, SC and its surroundings, look no further than Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services.

5 Reasons Your Move Should Include Renter’s Insurance

If you’re on the fence about purchasing renters insurance, you should put these five facts in the plus column.

1. A Landlord’s Policy Does Not Cover Renters’ Belongings

The owner of the property will typically only have a policy that covers the dwelling itself, not the items inside of it. If a fire destroys the house or apartment, you will be responsible for replacing all of your belongings.

2. A Rental Policy Can Extend Past Your Walls

Many of the policies available through Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services will pay a percentage of your personal property coverage limit for any items lost or damaged outside of the dwelling, as long as the claim meets the other criteria.

3. Some Landlords May Require You to Have a Renters Insurance Policy

While not mandatory in North Augusta SC or neighboring GA, individual landlords may require a policy. Others may look at your policy as a bonus if there are multiple applicants.

4. You Can Protect Yourself Financially

If you cause injury or damage that results in a settlement, the financial damage can be massive without regard for how valuable your personal assets are. Personal liability coverage and medical coverage added to a renter’s policy provides a buffer against those potential damages.

5. Renters Insurance Is an Affordable Investment

The cost of renters insurance policies is based on the property, the covered belongings, and selected coverage. That said, the lower end can cost less than taking the family to dinner once a month. 

Get Your Renters Insurance Before You Need It

Like all insurance, getting renters insurance is not something you can do after the fact. Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services can connect you with the right policy for your needs. If you’re in North Augusta, SC or the surrounding area, contact us to ensure you are protected in your new home.

Motorcycle Insurance FAQs

Owning a motorcycle is a dream come true for many riders in South Carolina. Being home to fantastic beaches and sea islands, South Carolina is a dream come true for riders with a penchant for natural beauty. But as you immerse yourself in the beauty of Palmetto State, here are a few things you need to know about motorcycle insurance. 

Is motorcycle insurance mandatory in South Carolina?

Yes, whether riding in North Augusta SC, or other parts of South Carolina, you must purchase motorcycle insurance. Failure to buy valid motorcycle insurance could result in numerous fines and penalties. But why risk riding without motorcycle insurance when you can buy affordable coverage from Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services?

What’s the state-required motorcycle insurance in South Carolina?

Like most states, South Carolina requires you to include liability coverage in your motorcycle insurance. Riders should include at least bodily injury and property damage liabilities in their motorcycle insurance policy. 

Is the state-required motorcycle insurance adequate?

Whereas meeting the state’s requirements is pivotal, this insurance is never enough. The limits are inadequate, plus liability coverages protect others, but not you and your vehicle. For these reasons, we advise our clients to consider other motorcycle insurance coverages, including:

  • Comprehensive insurance to cover non-accident perils like fire, theft, falling objects, and natural disasters.
  • Collision coverage to cover your bike’s physical damage following a road accident or crash with a stationary object
  • Medical payments or PIP coverage to cover medical expenses for you and your passengers after an accident
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage to protect you in hit-and-run scenarios or when you collide with a motorist with little or zero insurance
  • Roadside assistance to come to your rescue when your boat stalls away from home

Still having a burning motorcycle insurance query unanswered? Be at ease. Instead, get in touch with Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services for more information. We will also be pleased if you visit our North Augusta, SC offices to speak to one of our agents in person.

South Carolina Boat Insurance: Do You Have a Boat Safety Kit?

When you have a boat in South Carolina, you want to think only of the joys of boating. Smart boat owners will want to think of their safety needs and how to protect themselves and the ones they love on the water. Boat insurance is one way to do that. However, you also want to go one step further and maximize your safety on your boat. A boat safety kit is going to help you and your loved ones feel so much safer on your boat.

At Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services, we want all North Augusta, SC residents to feel secure when they are on the water. Make sure these items are in your boat safety kit.

Personal Flotation Device (PFD) and Life Jackets

The rule is to have one PFD or one life jacket for every person that is or will be on board your boat. Keep them on-hand, and have one to cover the maximum number of people allowed on the boat. It’s wisest for them to wear it at all times, as most boat fatalities occur when people aren’t wearing them. 

Buoyant Heaving Line

A buoyant heaving line has a soft floatation device at the end of a rope. This is thrown to people when they fall out of the boat. You want one that is at least 45 feet in length.

Manual Propelling Device

If you have a motor or powerboat, you want to have something on board in the event that you lose power. A manual propelling device is a technical term for “oar” or “paddle”. Keep a few on board for emergencies.

Emergency Lighting

You should keep emergency lights on board for night-time travel and to help with visibility in the evenings when there is an emergency. You can also use them for pleasure if you wish to fish at night.

Waterproof flashlights will help as well.

Stay Safe on the Water

These are just a few of the things you will need for a boat safety kit. Make sure that your insurance policies are up to date as well. At Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services, we want North August, SC residents to feel safe for every boating experience. Call us for a quote today.

South Carolina Tips for Finding Umbrella Insurance to Complement Your Policies

Insurance has often been compared to a seatbelt you hope you never have to use. You know it’s necessary (just in case), but you don’t really believe you will ever have to use it. Or at least you hope you won’t. 

In North Augusta, SC, you have a number of options for umbrella insurance. In general, this type of policy protects you by adding to the policies you already have. It usually includes the following areas of liability and damages.

Bodily injury liability

This type of coverage covers any injuries that might occur as a result of your negligence, in the case where someone is injured due to their actions, or in cases where something you were unable to control on your property caused the injury.

Property damage liability

Like bodily injury liability, this type of umbrella insurance covers any damage to property due to your oversight or neglect but focuses only on damage to personal property.

Rental owners liability

This type of umbrella insurance covers any dispute that might arise as a result of a covered issue. It protects the owner of the rental, not the tenant in this case. 

Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services offers many different kinds of insurance, including umbrella insurance. Umbrella insurance fills in the gaps where other insurance policies leave off. It can come in handy when you are sued by another party when you have disputes with a landlord that are not your fault, and other situations that require more coverage than your normal policies entail.

In North Augusta, SC, umbrella insurance for that extra layer of safety can be found with a simple call to Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services. 

Remember, insurance is one of the most important aspects of your family’s security and a part of your estate. Trust us to help you make the right decisions for the ones who trust you.

Do I Need Flood Insurance in North Augusta, SC?

Flood insurance is something that you tend to only think about if you live in a flood plain. People don’t think they even need flood insurance unless they are pretty sure there’s a high risk for floods. But the truth is, floods can happen anywhere where there are bodies of water around the town that can cause a levee to breach or overflow its banks.

North Augusta, SC is home to some beautiful creeks and other water outlets, making it a possible flood target given the right conditions. Just a few hours of steady, heavy downpours from a summer rainstorm can result in streets, valleys and creeks running into the downtown area and residential sections can sometimes get hit hard.

The potential loss of life and property due to flood is a real possibility in North Augusta SC, as well as many other areas of the Southeast. That’s why Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services is there to help you plan. They help you plan not only for the future but also for all of life’s unexpected disasters. 

Reasons to Get Flood Insurance

Flood insurance protects:

  • Homes
  • Possessions (physical property)
  • Structures of your home
  • Precious irreplaceable items
  • Furniture
  • Any monetary loss in the home or surrounding property

If you live in a flood area, you absolutely need flood insurance. Anyone else in the North Augusta, SC area should plan for the unexpected even if you feel a flood is not likely to affect you. That’s what the people in Colorado thought too when the big flood hit them in 2013. Within hours, people in the Estes Park and Redstone area were inundated with water and in a few minutes, it was all washed away, including homes, trailers, boats, motorcycles, and more. Many lost their lives.

For all of your insurance needs, see Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services before the flood comes. Hopefully, it never will. But you just never know.

Condo insurance FAQs

When you choose North Augusta, SC to be home, you have made a good choice.  It has it all, a small-town feel but located just across the river from Augusta. Getting into the housing market in the area with a condo or townhouse is the way to go. At Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services in North Augusta, SC, we have more than 20 years of experience finding the best solutions for our client’s insurance needs. 

What does my condo association master policy cover?

Condo associations have insurance that protects your condo. It protects the exterior of your unit, and it covers the areas that you share with other owners. This includes elevators, parking lots, swimming pools, etc. It also has liability coverage for these shared areas. Depending on the type of cover in the master policy, you may have bare walls or "all in". Find out what type your association has before you buy your own. 

Do I need condo insurance? 

Condo insurance you purchase covers your particular unit, your personal items and gives you liability and loss of use protection. It is valuable coverage.

Does condo insurance cover a special assessment?

In most cases, the answer is no. If you want special assessment coverage, that is a separate policy. 

Does condo insurance cover theft?

If you have property coverage, yes you are covered for theft. That includes in your condo and when your possessions are away from your condo on vacation or in your vehicle. 

Does condo insurance cover flooding?

If a pipe bursts in your unit and floods your condo, yes. If the flood is caused by surface water no, like all home policies, it is not covered. Adding a flood insurance policy is the best option. 

To learn more about the benefits of condo insurance contact Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services in North Augusta, SC.

What benefits come with having a quality life insurance plan?

If you are in the North Augusta, SC area, it is very important to have proper insurance in place that meets your personal needs. One form of insurance that a lot of people will need to have is life insurance. There continue to be many advantages that come with having life insurance in place at all times. 

Provide Protection to Dependents

A key advantage of having life insurance is that you can offer protection to your dependents. Those that have people that rely on their income will want to ensure they provide future financial protection. A great way that this is done is with life insurance. When you have this type of coverage, it will offer the protection needed to ensure those that you care about are protected and have financial resources. 

Investment Benefits

While life insurance is a great investment as it can help to provide financial protection, it can also help you reach your personal financial goals. If you choose a whole life insurance plan, a portion of your payments will go into an account each month. This will then continue to grow with interest and will eventually add up to a sizable amount of money, which can be converted to cash. 

As you are looking for a life insurance plan in the North Augusta, SC area, you will likely find that there are a lot of options and choices to make. If you are in the market for a new insurance plan, it would be helpful to call Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services. The team with Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services will give the support that you need to fully evaluate your needs and options. This will help ensure that you remain properly covered at all times. 

Auto insurance FAQs

Unless you are in the insurance business yourself, you probably aren’t an auto insurance expert. Most people take their auto insurance for granted, and if you don’t have a trusted independent insurance agent, who would you even bring your questions to? In this age of getting auto insurance online and never meeting your agent, that could be difficult. At Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services in North Augusta, SC, we want our customers to feel like family and know we are here to answer any questions they might have.

How much liability coverage do I need?

Liability coverage should reflect your risk level and also the number of assets you have. The usual state-mandated liability limits are pretty low for someone who owns a home and has any savings. If you want a larger amount of coverage, you can add an umbrella policy to any policy you have with liability, and this can bring your liability coverage to a minimum of a million dollars. 

How do I choose how much my deductible should be?

Auto insurance has a deductible. This is the amount you will have to pay out of pocket when you claim your policy. Typically, it can be around $500. If you don’t think you will use it or if the deductible is not a problem for you to pay, you can choose a higher deductible which will lower the cost of your policy. 

Does comprehensive coverage cover everything?

No, the name comprehensive is not what it sounds like. Comprehensive coverage is for things over which you have little or no control. It covers vandalism to your car or the theft of your vehicle. It covers weather-related events, fire, and deer in the road. 

If you have questions about auto insurance, Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services in North Augusta, SC is here to help. 

What Kind of Business Insurance Do I Need?

Many businesses play a significant role in North Augusta, SC, such as creating community and employment. And yet, there are risks that they face, which can affect their return on investment. For this reason, Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services exists to offer businesses a wide array of insurance coverage against these risks. Here are some policies that your enterprise may need.

Product Liability Insurance

As a manufacturing business, you probably follow strict production processes to ensure that your clients are safe. But slip-ups can happen during manufacturing, which can lead to substandard goods and injuries to your customers. Product liability insurance will come in handy to cover claims from your consumers.

Property Insurance

Anything can happen to your business property, including damages. For example, a fire may break out and destroy your inventory, equipment, etc. Property insurance covers your enterprise against such losses.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

While your employees are carrying out their duties on-site, injuries may take place. You’ll need workers’ compensation to protect them.

Vehicle Insurance

Road accidents are a common feature in the transport industry. Not only will your vehicle be damaged, but third parties, too. In these situations, you’ll need vehicle insurance.

Cyber Liability Insurance

Your marketing department collects data from your company’s clients to understand consumers’ needs and align its marketing strategy to these trends. The information must remain private and confidential. But if your business shares this information with other third parties without customers’ consent, they may sue you. In this case, you’ll need cyber liability insurance.

Professional Liability Insurance 

Mistakes owing to negligence can occur at the workplace and can cause injuries or financial loss. It’s the reason the policy is also called errors and omissions (E & O) insurance. It’ll cover your business operation against negligence claims.

Want to find out more about how these policies can help your business? Call Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services in North Augusta, SC.