Home Insurance in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina

Regardless if your home is a traditional house, mobile home, condo, or townhouse, or tiny home, we have a solution for your home insurance needs.  South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia are all known as states with a true southern charm. Known for its breathtaking landscapes and beautiful beaches, they are great vacation destinations and even a better places to live. However, being a homeowner in the the south is not easy - there are many risks to face. Therefore, if you decided to purchase property in any of these states, you need to make sure it is protected. Our highly skilled associates can make sure that you have the coverage that you need from the home insurance company that is best suited for your unique needs.  Some of the concerns that one home insurance company may have over another:

  • Do you have dogs, & if so what breed?
  • Do you have a trampoline & if so is it netted &/or fenced?
  • Do you have a swimming pool & if so does it have a diving board &/or slide?  
  • How far is your house from the responding fire department & what is the ISO rating of that fire department?
  • Do you conduct any businesses from your home & if so what kind?
  • What flood zone is your home located in?
  • What is the condition of your home and the property?

The answers to these and so many more questions can make a big difference in which home insurance company is the best fit for you.   One of our jobs at Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services is to do the research and shopping for you.   So if you are a homeowner or mobile homeowner in GA, SC, or NC and are shopping for home insurance, mobile home insurance, condo insurance, or townhouse insurance,  Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services is ready to help you find a policy that best fits your needs and budget. Call us today for more information.