Auto Insurance in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina

Auto insurance is so much more than carrying the minimum liability limits of Georgia, South Carolina, or North Carolina on all registered vehicles. To keep yourself out of a legal nightmare, it is imperative that you carry the limits necessary to protect all of your assets.  Auto liability insurance covers the other person's damages, injuries, funeral expenses, rental car, and lost wages when you are found at fault in an automobile accident.  Our highly trained team at Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services can help you determine what limits you need and then we shop with a dozen Auto Insurance Company's to find the best fit for you and your family for your auto insurance.    Certainly, price is important, but you also want to make sure that you have an auto insurance company that you can count on and an auto insurance agency that has your back when an accident happens, not just 1-800-who cares!  

In addition to the afore mentioned liability coverage, you may find that you need additional coverages on your auto insurance policy.  Here are some common add-ons for auto insurance in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina:

  • Un-insured and under-insured: This covers damages your vehicle and your medical expenses when another motorists hit you, but they are under-insured or un-insured.
  • Collision: This coverage pays for damages to your automobile after an accident (collision involving another car, fence, guardrail, or stationary object.) where you are deemed at-fault (in part or in-full) or where fault cannot be determined.
  • Comprehensive: This coverage pays for damages to your automobile caused by animals, storms, theft, vandalism, and fire to name a few.  
  • Medical payments: This coverage pays for medical costs for you and your passengers after an accident, regardless of who is deemed liable.
  • Gap insurance: This coverage pays for the difference between the car's fair-market-value and the outstanding loan or lease payoff.

One of our jobs at Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services is to do the research and shopping for you.   So, if you own an automobile in Georgia, South Carolina, or North Carolina and are shopping for auto insurance, Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services is ready to help you find a policy that best fits your needs and budget. 

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