Classic Car Insurance in South Carolina and Georgia

They sure don't make them like they used to, do they? There's just nothing like taking your classic car out of the garage for a drive. It doesn't matter if you have personally renovated the vehicle yourself, so you know every single bolt, belt, hose, and sound, or if you purchased the vehicle as it sits, you need to make sure it is properly protected. Parts for your classic car aren't the easiest to find, and if you do need expert help putting your classic car back together, you can't just take it to any garage in town. But that's where our South Carolina and Georgia team at Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services is here to help. We partner with Hagerty Insurance to help protect you and your vehicle, no matter what kind you own.   Every policy includes unique coverages, so you can focus on the joy of owning and driving a collector vehicle.  Hagerty Insurance provides agreed value policies that guarantee you will be paid every cent of your car’s insured value in the event of a covered total loss.  

When you own a classic car, the insurance for it is unique. Chances are you don't drive it every single day. You might only take it out a few times a year, or at the very least when the weather is perfect out. When this is the case, you need insurance that fits your driving needs. Even if you use it as your daily driver, you'll want insurance built to protect your classic car. This way, if you're ever in an accident, it is that much easier to secure parts for your vehicle and to work with repair specialists who know how to handle a classic car. Because after all, they don't make cars like this any longer, so you will want to handle it with care. Here at Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services, we want to work with you in protecting your South Carolina and Georgia classic.



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