Renters Insurance in South Carolina and Georgia

Renters insurance is not mandatory under South Carolina and Georgia federal law, but your landlord may require you as a tenant to purchase a policy as part of the lease agreement. However, as a tenant, it's crucial to get some form of coverage as your landlord has no financial responsibility for any damage to your personal belongings.

Statistics demonstrate that the average renter's insurance premiums vary in South Carolina and Georgia. Renters insurance policy is primarily tailored to protect you and your personal property if unexpected eventuality happens, such as theft and vandalism. As a South Carolina and Georgia resident who has leased or rented a condo, it's vital to get spectacular renters’ insurance because your landlord's insurance policy does not protect your personal belongings.

Obtain a renter’s insurance quote today at Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services offices, and we will show you how simple and affordable it is to protect what you care about. A renter’s insurance policy procurement through Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services in North Augusta offers low-cost coverage for you and your possession against covered perils in your policy document. Visit us today, and you won't regret it!

What does Renters insurance cover?

The commonly personal items covered include:

  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Electronics and appliances such as computers and televisions
  • Additional expenses if your rental is uninhabitable

What type of Renters coverages are offered at Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services in South Carolina and Georgia?

  • Personal property damage coverage: This form of policy covers your personal belongings if they are damaged by a covered peril stated in your policy documents, such as fire, theft, or vandalism. Renters insurance company caters to the cost of damage up to your existing policy limits.
  • Personal liability coverage: This form of coverage pays for lawsuits emanating from third parties' injuries or property damage you are deemed responsible for causing. This policy will cater to liability costs, inclusive of your legal defense fees payment.
  • Additional living expenses coverage: If your rental apartment is rendered uninhabitable after destruction, your renter's insurance policy will temporarily cater to additional expenses such as hotel bills and other expenses.
  • Medical payments: This type of policy is limited to medical costs if a guest is injured on your premises.

Buying a renter’s insurance policy guarantees a tenant with significant financial protection against prevailing calamities. Call us or visit our Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services offices in North Augusta today for more detailed and credible information about renter’s insurance coverage.