Renters Insurance in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Georgia

Renters insurance is not mandatory under North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia law, but your landlord will often require you as a tenant to purchase a policy as part of the lease agreement. As a tenant, it's crucial to get some form of coverage as your landlord has no financial responsibility for any damage to your personal belongings or for your liability exposure.

Renters insurance policy is primarily tailored to protect you and your personal property if unexpected eventuality happens, such as theft, fire, and vandalism.  Some examples of your personal property may include:  Furniture, Clothing, Electronics, Kitchenware, Jewlry, Guns, Linen, & some Appliances

In addition to personal property coverage, you may find that you need additional coverages on your renter's insurance policy.  Here are some common coverages for renter's insurance in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina:

  • Personal liability coverage: This form of coverage pays for lawsuits emanating from third parties' injuries or property damage you are deemed responsible for causing. This could include if you accidently burn the building down or bump into someone accidentally & they fall down the stairs and sue you for damages.
  • Additional living expenses coverage: If your rental home is rendered uninhabitable (in part or in full) due to a claim, your renter's insurance policy will temporarily cater to additional expenses such as hotel bills, laundry mats, and meals as reasonably appropriate.
  • Medical payments: This type of policy is limited to medical costs if a guest is injured on your premises.


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