Recreational Insurance in South Carolina and Georgia

Looking to get off the beaten path and forge your own road? If so, you've probably looked at varying forms of recreational vehicles. Maybe this comes in the way of an ATV, or perhaps you'd like to take your recreation out to the beach with a dune buggy. 

Or maybe you'd rather purchase your own golf cart to enjoy your neighborhood streets or your favorite vacation campground!  It is a law in North Carolina, South Carolina, & Georgia to register & insure your golf cart if you plan to drive it on a public road.  Drivers are also required to be licensed to drive as well.  We can't help with the license, but our trained insurance team at Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services will gladly help you find the coverage you need, no matter what you own.

Do you own one of those recreational vehicles listed below? Or maybe you're considering the purchase of one. Whatever category you might be in, it's possible you didn't even consider taking out insurance on it. You absolutely should because while these vehicles aren't the same price as a regular car or truck, you're still putting down a pretty penny for it. If you're in an accident while transporting your ATV to an off-road site, your auto insurance will cover your vehicle but not what you're towing. If the vehicles are stolen from your garage, it's possible your home or even your umbrella insurance will not cover the stolen vehicle. And if it is damaged while in storage, it might not be covered unless you have a stand-alone insurance policy. Avoid paying for repairs or replacing the vehicle with out-of-pocket expenses. 

Golf Cart Insurance                                                Motorcycle Insurance
Dune Buggy Insurance                                          Scooter Insurance
Boat Insurance                                                       ATV Insurance
Trike Insurance                                                       Moped Insurance
RV Insurance                                                          Camper Insurance
5th wheel Insurance                                              Trailer Insurance
3-wheeler Insurance                                              Can-Am Insurance

Let our knowledgeable recreation specialist work with you to provide you with the customized coverage you need BEFORE an accident happens regardless of what recreational vehicle you own in North Carolina, South Carolina, or Georgia! 


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