Umbrella Insurance in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia

Umbrella insurance is additional liability coverage that protects the people and property listed on the policy over and above other policies that may be in place like auto & homeowner's insurance. It is typical to get $1million or $2million in additional coverage, but it is imperative that you carry the limits necessary to protect all of your assets!

Purchasing umbrella insurance from a reputable and compliant insurance company in North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia can give extra protection if you are sued for the assets you own, savings, investment, and future wages from garnishment. In case someone is injured on your premise, and their medical bill supersedes the liability limits of your homeowner's policy, your umbrella policy will come in and settle the remaining outstanding balance. This form of policy covers you, your spouse, and all family members residing in your household anywhere in the world.

What is typically covered under an umbrella policy?

    • Personal injuries (the cost of injuries to other people, including lost wages & legal expenses)
    • Property damage liability (the cost of damages to someone else's property)
    • Landlord liability (liability that you may experience as a landlord in the event of a covered event)
    • Defamation, libel, or slander.
    • Legal representation fees.
    • False imprisonment.

What is typically not covered under an umbrella policy(Some exceptions may apply)

    • Contractual disputes.
    • Damage to your personal property.
    • Personal inflicted injuries.
    • Business-related liabilities or losses.
    • Injuries or damages emanating from criminal activities.


One of our jobs at Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services is to do the research and shopping for you.   So, if your total household assets in Georgia, South Carolina, or North Carolina exceed $500,000 or if you are a public figure, you should strongly consider an Umbrella Insurance Policy.  In that event, our team at Hunt Insurance & Retirement Services is ready to help you find a policy that best fits your needs and budget. 

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